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  Document 2009 IRS Ruling 75-302

2009 IRS Ruling 75-302 - Can deduct portion of entrance fee for life-care if it is demonstated that a certain portion of the payment for lifetime care is allocable to the home's obligation to provide medical care to the taxpayer.

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  Document 2009 IRS Ruling 76-481

2009 IRS Ruling 76-481 - The portion of a founder's fee and monthly fee paid by individuals in connection with the life-care residence at a retirement home that is properly allocable to medical care is deductible as a medical expense in the year paid; however the portion of the founder's fee used to construct the health facilities is not deductible.

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  Document 2009 IRS Ruling 93-72

2009 IRS Ruling 93-72 Current deductions for future medical care not allowed.

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